Agate design (11cm)

Silicone molds for resinachat coasters 2-piece, 4-, 6-er or 8-piece set: Number per selected quantity Size 11-12cm, shape depth 6mm More designs: ALL SILICONE MOLDS Details can be found in “more info”.

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Silicone molds for resinachat coasters set of 2, 4, 6 or 8: Number per selected quantity Please keep in mind when choosing the quantity that resin takes many hours to cure. If you want to cast a resin coaster set in the same color scheme, I recommend choosing the appropriate set size so that you can pour several resin coasters at once. Especially popular with my customers is a set of 6. Size 11-12cm, mold depth 6mm With these silicone molds you can make resinachat coasters. A description of how you can make small bowls from the resin coasters is included with the delivery. Every design for the silicone mold is designed by me and the mold is handmade. I use high-quality platinum silicone, which has a long service life. You can use the silicone molds many times. The silicone molds may be made for you after ordering. The choice of shapes is random.The silicone color may vary, but it does not affect the quality. When ordering, you will receive the silicone molds in your selected quantity. The coasters and possibly accessories serve only as an example. I ship free of charge within Germany from a value of 100, – Euro. I regularly give live online resin courses. Dates and course contents can be found here: RESIN COURSES

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