Center of Life 2S

Book with resin book cover, including personalization with name details in "more info" below


This piece of art was sold lately. It can be built up to your requirements upon request.

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    Important: If the pictured guestbook is already sold, I will gladly make a similar one for you after ordering. Every book is handmade by me. Please note that depending on the order situation, it may take 2-3 weeks until the book is ready for dispatch. Do you have a specific date when you need the book? Feel free to send me a message via the contact form or an email to This book has a resin book cover handmade by me. The resin book is 22.5 x 15.5cm in size and contains about 50 white sheets DIN A5. This book cover is designed in pearl white with transparent parts with glitter and gold leaf. The front and back of the guestbook are made of resin. Whether as a notebook, diary, calendar or as a guestbook for your wedding or at an event, this unique piece is something very special. The sides are interchangeable because the rings can be opened. When ordering, you will receive a book with resin book cover in the illustrated color combination, also personalized with name possible. Please send me a message to order.Other items shown are for decoration only and are not for sale. I am happy to make a book cover made of resin in your desired color. Please note that the colors may vary due to different screen settings. MORE DESIGNS You can also find more gift ideas and guestbooks made of resin on my Instagram page: STARKE_IMPRESSIONEN

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