ResinArt Private Course -Appointment by appointment-

ResinArt Private Course – Individual workshop over two days, appointment by appointment

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The ResinArt Workshop lasts two days After booking, we will arrange your desired date.

Course schedule:

1. Day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. incl. 1 hour lunch break and 2. Day from 10am-1pm. The cost of this two-day workshop is 450, – Euro. The course fee includes the following materials: paints, mixing cups, spatulas, stirring rods as well as foils and adhesive tapes. Resin, painting grounds and silicone molds are available in the course at special conditions. The workshop also includes a theory part and a handout with helpful information. You will get basic and important hints and tips for working with resin. These are, for example:

  • Information about resin and instructions for the safe handling of resin
  • Basic
  • suitable paints and substrates for working with resin
  • Preparation of the workplace, the underground and the work of art
  • Resin preparation, casting technology and safe drying
  • Follow-up and error corrections

In the practical part, we work with various resin techniques and design your artwork together in your desired colors. I'll show you how to water resinachat coasters and geode trays and how to make beautiful bowls from them. You can buy silicone molds directly from me in the studio.  On the second day, you will get tips and tricks for post-processing resin artworks and troubleshooting. There will also be a debriefing and you can take your artwork designed in the workshop with you. This course is an individual private course. Bring along: long-sleeved "painting clothes" (as lint-free as possible!), Apron, hair band if necessary, a pack of nitrile disposable gloves (powder-free), hot air gun with adjustable temperature e.g. Trotec Hystream 2000 if available, crème Brulee Flambier burner (Amazon), respirator (if available) The workshop takes place in my studio.

Do you have any further questions? Send me a message.

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