Shipping types

Our online store has a multi-carrier interface. This allows us to ship to many countries and offer every customer a cost-effective shipping service provider compared to the market.

The amount of the shipping costs depends on the size and weight of the goods to be shipped (including outer and shipping packaging) and the place of delivery.

The specific shipping costs are expressly stated as part of the payment process and are also listed as a separate item in the invoice sent by e-mail.

Free shipping within Germany for:
– Items from the category "Handmade earrings"
– Packageable goods from a purchase value of 100 Euro.

In some cases, other taxes, duties and/or fees will apply that are levied by your destination country. These additional fees for taxes or customs clearance costs shall be borne by the recipient. Unfortunately, we cannot estimate how high the fees may be, as customs and tax policies vary greatly from country to country. For more information, please contact your local customs office at the destination or visit their official website. Further information can be found here: and import sales tax or specifically for Switzerland.

If your country is not selectable for the delivery address, please contact us.

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